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Contagious Joy | Relentless Grace | Limitless Courage

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Contagious Joy | Relentless Grace | Limitless Courage

I grew up knowing Jesus. I was blessed to be born to parents whose life's purpose is to love and serve Him. From the earliest age I can remember, I have truly always felt God with me. I have sensed His presence since I was five years old and His joy and peace have carried me through really difficult and really beautiful times. I've looked for satisfaction in the world, but it offers me nothing. I've found that I'm alive simply to know him and make him known. Music is one gift I've been given to do that. I've been singing and writing songs since before I can remember, but in college I felt the specific calling on my life for worship. The past few years I have been one of the Worship Pastors at Hope Fellowship Church in Frisco, Texas. Every week I get the opportunity and great honor of leading people into the presence of God, and it's one of the greatest joys of my life!

I've always wanted to record my own music. My whole life I knew it was what I wanted to do. While thinking about my goals for 2016 I felt like I was out of reasons not to. So, November of last year I bared my soul and begged for money for my first EP through a Kickstarter campaign (a crowd-funding website). The only way I can describe what happened is the grace of God. We raised all of the money in just two days and exceeded the goal by another 30% in the remaining time. Every step along the way God has proven that he’s with me, and that this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s overwhelming that he would want to use me, but he WANTS to share His glory through us!

When I decided to walk out on the ledge and start this process, I was terrified. It was as if all of the fear and insecurity built up over my whole life was telling me every reason why I shouldn’t do it. But I am so glad I jumped. Walking in obedience and faith (even when it’s a risk) is so much more rewarding than giving in to fear and living half alive. I’m done with that. This is the beginning of saying yes to Jesus. This is the beginning of saying no to fear and insecurity and all that holds us back from who we really are what we are capable of doing. This is the start of creating something beautiful. This is, the Onset.